Join us from 9-11am the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month for an informal presentation about a military conflict, branch or event.  Come early to enjoy light refreshments.


Upcoming Presentations

May 13th

James Johnson is a Louisville resident and a former C&C speaker. James will talk about the WWII era “V-Disk Music Program” which was a morale boosting initiative involving the productions of series of 78 rpm disk recordings of music and radio programs for our soldiers, sailors and airmen. James has assembled on the of largest collections of 78 rpm records of this program and has setup a YouTube website where this music can be accessed for enjoyment listening. He will bring examples of his collection, including a field hand-cranked phonograph player and demonstrate how to access his collection on the internet.

May 27th

Martha Dunn was a young German nurse during World War II who was serving in a Catholic hospital in Vienna at the time the Soviet Army captured of the city. She has a fascinating story of growing up in Germany during this period and her harrowing journey by rail and foot to get back home in Germany.

June 10th

Bob Moulder and Jérôme Michelet, both museum Board members, will discuss the changing spectrum of unconventional naval warfare with examples from both the Civil War and current conflicts.

June 22nd

Kathy Kenny, a local quilt historian and lecturer, will tell the story of three different Civil War women who made a difference – an abolitionist, a nurse and a teacher. Their story will be told combined with the display of 25 antique 1800’s quilts will bring their story and the Civil War to life.


If you or someone you know is interested in presenting for a Coffee & Conversation, please contact: Mike Fellows ( or Ed Miccio (